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After a long drive along a very poor road, but through some spectacular countryside and villages, you come to the village Darik. Once deserted, this village is being reborn with self-sufficiency, organic farming and livestock in mind. Darik is one of the most remote places in Armenia, but also one of the most peaceful. Lush green fields abound. Horses are available for riding or you can simply walk and enjoy eagles overhead as you follow the road back down toward Arpi Lake.
Irina Tatevosyan's B&B is surprisingly modern for the location. A resident of Yerevan, Irina happily hosts small groups at her Darik home who would like to learn more about her ideas for organic farming and who do not mind her very large, yet very friendly Armenian dogs.
In a field across from the B&B lies a prehistoric vishapakar or 'dragon stone'. (http://www.armeniapedia.org/index.php?title=Vishapakar) Dating some 2-3 thousand years old, these mythical stones are thought to have marked and protected sources of water.


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Place to go backOn a tour to Lake Arpi I visit this place for lunch in 2016. Irina showed me around in this interesting area of Armenia. Next time I want to go back and stay there for a few days. It was a great lunch and I have seen the rooms. Reason for going back to this place.


    Address Darik village


    Telephone + 374 93 52 26 65


    Email irinatatevosyan@gmail.com

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