Karloff Czech Brewery

“Karloff” – a piece of the Czech Republic in Yerevan (Stroll around the Czech Republic)

Europe has a unique capacity of re-forming and preserving traditions with care, and it does not matter in what field: it can be politics, shipbuilding or cuisine. Every European country is proud of its history, in every European country there are phenomena which are peculiar only to that country, only to that area. Granny Europe can be continuously discovered, even if you have never been in any country of the Old World.

“Karloff Czech Restaurant” is a mini-model of the Czech Republic in Yerevan. Of course it will be a little bit difficult to find the whole Czech Republic in “Karloff”, but doubtlessly you will have the opportunity of figuring out the mood peculiar to this country and feeling the specific atmosphere of Prague and its outskirts.

The first floor of “Karloff” is quite huge the interior of which is in white tones and it is furnished with classic square tables and chairs. A brick colonnade is placed in the middle of the hall behind which the long arched bar desk is outlined. There is quite huge quantity of wood on the first floor, even the walls are partly coated with wood, and the premises is designed rather conservative and soft, without any luxuries.
Meanwhile this is a perfect place where one after a tiring working day, exhausting official meetings and negotiations can pass an evening in the company of old friends and feel in free and easy atmosphere.
Having overstepped “Karloff” you will immediately notice the cooper barrels: this is the holy of holies of “Karloff” -brewery, most correctly a part of the complicated construction. One of the merits of the restaurant is the served beer, and it is unique as it is brewed on the spot. The person preparing this drink is also unique: “Karloff” has brought a Czech ale-brewer from the Czech Republic who knows the sense of true beer and who has studied the whole history of brewing.

The local beer is made on the ground of the raw imported from the Czech Republic. It should be mentioned that there are two kinds of beer: filtered and unchillfiltered. After filtration it becomes lighter and significantly loses its taste. In “Karloff” unchillfiltered beer is without preservatives that is why it has a specific taste.

The fact that beer is brewed that way even nowadays and how this drink was brewed in the middle ages is wonderfully illustrated on the big picture hanged on one of the walls on the second floor. By the way the second floor of “Karloff” will be put in exploitation in the near future, but for this moment let us study the basement.

In this part of “Karloff” the old Czech Republic with all its inherent peculiarities opens up in front of us. This place seems to dispose towards feast and joy. It is furnished with heavy tables and chairs, stone brows on the walls and arched beam on the ceiling. The basement seems to be inherited from the Czech middles ages, when mass feasts were organized and beer was flowing like river. In “Karloff” there is a huge selected variety of beer. Here you can feel joyful and stately.

There are monitors installed all over “Karloff”: the words “football” and “beer” are synonyms in the whole world and here particularly, that is why during football days it is as hot in “Karloff” as in the stadium. Soon ethnic, mostly Old Slavonic music will play in Karloff, and the installation of the stage has already started.

In conclusion a few words about the most important – the menu of “Karloff”. It pretends to encompass the unencompassable. The menu is Czech, the cook is respectively Czech as well. Traditional Czech dishes which can be found solely here in our city. For example, “Shumava” – national soup which is served with bread. Or “Gusa” –goose baked with apples. A long list of sausages imported from Europe which are perfect go with beer. And of course, “Czech knee” - a superb delicious meat dish.
“Karloff Czech Reastaurant” is an attempt to re-create one country within the other. This attempt is obviously success as the distance between Yerevan and Prague has now disappeared.


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