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Shikahogh Reserve and its two sanctuaries (Zangezur and Plane Grove) together make up 29,569 hectares spread over the mountains of southern Armenia. The park is home to 1,074 species of vascular plants and 208 species of vertebrate animals, including 8 registered in the IUCN Red List. Shikahogh reserve and Plain Grove Sanctuary permit only ecotourism, cultural, historical and scientific/cognitive tourism. The local environment is rich in natural heritage, caves, and ruins of abandoned settlements, fortress and churches. Mountain terrain demands good physical capacities from visitors who want to hike, but car or bus visitors will still enjoy the sweeping vistas. Personalized tours can be arranged for individuals and small groups (up to 5 persons in the Mtnadzor area and up to 10 person elsewhere in the reserve and sanctuary) on foot or horseback. The period from June to October has the best weather. Duration of each tour is limited to one day. The Preserve's management office complex includes a small B&B/Hostel with capacity up to 10 people. B&B/Hostel has a kitchen with all necessary facilities, hot water, and a small living room.


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