“ARMINIUS” was founded in 1998 as one of the first tour-operators to make real Cognitive tours. We introduced Armenia and the neighboring countries to thousands of tourists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and others since then. It is really important for us to find out the unique interests and wishes of our guests and do our best to make them not only see but feel the country we introduce, and we have good traditions in this. Therefore the most important thing in our family-owned company is considered to be quality, deep understanding of anticipations of our Guests and introducing not just sightseeing’s but the soul and the breath of country. Years of experience allow us to offer customized tours to our travelers in accordance with their specific interests and wishes. For us it is important that the travelers spend time in our country not only as passive spectators but also have the opportunity to communicate with the local people and participate in their daily lives. It is not only the traditional sights we offer to our guests. The visitor turns into a traveler who gains experience of face-to-face communication with an open and tolerant country and its population and stores the experience and the image of these realities in their memory. During the trip we offer our travelers an opportunity to meet and talk to specialists – historians, archaeologists, outstanding representatives of culture and so on, as we believe that if people know more, they are able see more too.
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