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Armenian flora is very special and surprisingly rich in various plants and forms. About 3500 species have been identified, which makes up half of the species present in the entire Caucasus region.

The reason for this is the complexity and variation of the terrain, soils and climate of Armenia, and her location on the junction of very unique floral regions: from the relatively humid Caucasian to the dry Central Anatolian and Armenian-Iranian regions. The territory of Armenia is criss-crossed by distinct geographic areas covering all directions, each nourishing its own unique plant distribution. Flora enthusiasts often meet by many surprising collections of flowers.

Seismic activity has an important role in the biodiversity of Armenia. Earthquakes are usually accompanied by other effects such as the presence of gamma radiation, increased concentrations of radioactive isotopes of radon in water, salts of heavy metals etc., all of which contribute to mutations and increase the number of chromosomal aberrations, stimulating the formation of new species and new endemic plants.

Considering all that as well as the mosaic-like distribution of our flora, professional botanists and amateur enthusiasts alike will make fascinating discoveries in Armenia.

New Discoveries: In recent years one of the astonishing discoveries, new for the entire Caucasus region, was the identification of a member of Acanthaceae, beautiful Acanthus dioscoridis with entire leaves and large purple flowers arranged in a long pyramid. Three small populations of this species have been located near Yerevan in the northern foothills of Mt. Adis. The second significant new discovery for Armenia is the Huperziaceae, represented by Huperzia selago, found on the north slopes of Mt. Murguz. Apart from these, many new species and genera have been discovered in Armenia. Indeed, in recent years many endemic species have been discovered and described. As far as flora is concerned, Armenia is a wonderful country!

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