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With eight geographic zones, seven climates, nine altitudes, sixteen soil zones; plus over half of all plant species in the Transcaucasus and two-thirds of all bird species found in Europe, Armenia’s small territory is a stunning biotops region.

More varieties of topographies, plants and fauna can be found per square kilometer in Armenia than almost anywhere on earth.  The closest rival for the same type of diversity its the USA, and it requires 100 times the space as Armenia. The relative ease of exploring these often over-lapping flora and fauna zones makes Natural Armenia a destination of its own.

Birding and Flower Watching have already put Armenia on the map, with birders and botanical tourists coming from around the world.

Trekkers and Mountain Climbers can explore 85 mountains over a mile high, in diverse ranges that cover and divide the country into micro-climates and topographies. Mt. Aragast, Armenia's tallest mountain, can be surmounted in a tight 6 week span of July to mid-August.

For avid spelunkers, the most spectacular images in Armenia are underground, and with more than 10,000 caves throughout the country, Armenia aims to please to subterranean explorer.

There are hundreds of mineral springs (both cold and hot) to delight taste buds and soothe tired bodies. There is even a hot spring at the top of a mountain, inside a dormant volcano.

Other tourists can hike, bike, climb, glide, swim, boat and horseback ride their ways across the country, exploring remote regions where one feels alone in the world, or village-hopping, savoring the delights of  home living.

There are ecological risks to the country, not the least of which are organized hunting expeditions into closed nature preserves and the odd army expedition in military helicopters to kill off the last of the mouflin, but somehow nature withstands these ravages and supposedly extinct species like the Armenian Goat and Leopard have increased sightings in the last few seasons.

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