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As the capital of Armenia and Armenians worldwide, Yerevan is the cosmopolitan capital of the nation catering to peoples from across the globe.



For most, Yerevan is the first stop on their visit, and the city makes a good bookend to your visit, with a large selection of overnight venues; great cuisine; and a cosmopolitan lifestyle that lets you ease into this unique culture.  

One can spend a lifetime in this burgeoning metropolis, but for the average tourist limited to a shorter stay, take the city’s many attractions in doses.  

If you are on a short visit, spend a day or two at the beginning of your tour to enjoy the city’s street life and visit a museum or two (start at the State History Museum) to get a feel for the culture you are about to explore; then take another day or two to unwind, shop or visit a few more sites before you leave.

The best way to explore the city is by taking a walking tour of the city, which pass through historic and the most popular areas and include museums, galleries, parks, monuments, cafes and restaurants along the way.  

If you are staying longer, this guide is just as useful; pointing to places you might not have known about, with a constantly updated database of attractions, events, overnight and culinary venues.

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