Vahanavank Monastery

This monastery is located 5km south-west of Kapan town, 1.4 km south of Shgharshik district (historic Shekq village). Built over a Bronze Age grave field (13th-11th CC. BCE) it is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Tigranasar on the right bank of the Voghji River, the area covered with lush forests.


S. Astvatsatsin sepulchre church

S. Astvatsatsin sepulchre church

S. Astvatsatsin sepulchre church In 1086 Queen Shahandukht Siuniats and her sister Katan commissioned the two-story church. The small building rests against the rock hill on top of a vaulted serf wall from split stone. During excavations, a valuable inscription was found, attributed to the Catholicos Stepanos Orbelian (11th c).

Ruined structures include the refectory with painted cornices and 11 c inscription fragments, service buildings, monk cells and a still working 10th c cold spring.

The vank includes khachkars, most dating to the 10th-11th c, including some excellently detailed masterpieces.

To the SE there is a large late Bronze Age tomb field dated to the end of the 2nd millennium BCE.

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