Ardenis - Lake Arpi Trail

Geographically, it is situated in the very north-west of Armenia occupying the Ashotsk (Javakhq) Plateau. The trail spans elevations of 2030 – 2105 m above sea level and includes Lake Arpi - the only largest water body (2200 ha) in the Plateau, part of which has been recently designated as Lake Arpi National Park.


Common Crane

Common Crane

Grus grus archibaldi

Length: 110-120 cm, Wing Span: 220-245 cm

General description: Large, impressive bird with long neck and legs; also with large tuft of plumes covers tail. It is mainly gray with black flight feathers. Distinguishing characteristics include lack of a red patch on the back of the head, yellow eye colour, and black skin papillae that run from the base of the bill to the top of the head. .

Abundance and habitat: Breeding bird, uncommon.

Occurs in small wetlands, often adjacent to crop fields or meadows. Breeds only in Shirak marz, near Lake Arpi, but may observed in other regions of Armenia during migration. Builds a cup nest of dry stems.

Food: Plants, worms, insects, small vertebrates.

Status: Listed in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Armenia, categorized as threatened species. Protected by the RA law on fauna. 



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    How to reach From Gyumri go north on the M1 highway toward Georgia for 41km. Just pass the village Ghazanchi, turn to the west toward the village Ardenis. Drive west through the village Ardenis for 15km to reach Arpi lake.

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