Garni Temple

Garni is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. The fortress of Garni is situated 28 km of Yerevan, at the foot of the Geghama Mountains, on the right bank of the Azat River, on a picturesque, triangular terrace.


Garni - The Temple of Mihr

The temple was erected in the second half of the 1st c. It is a unique preserved architectural monument from the late antique (Roman) period not only in Armenia but also in the region. The temple was dedicated to Mihr, the god of sun.

The walls were built without mortar, the so-called dry masonry. The stone joints were reinforced with iron rods at horizontal and vertical directions. The joints were filled with lead. The temple is a Greek peripteros (surrounded by columns) in terms of its composition.

The capitals of the pillars are decorated with egg-shaped high reliefs (egg-shaped decoration pattern) and volutes, the cornice is adorned with lions' heads, palm and acanthus leaves.

One of the significant peculiarities is the richness and the variety in the mid sections of the capitals and the unique ornaments on the cornices. Stairs with a height of 0.30 m. stretch along the whole width of the construction front.

They are enclosed from both sides by pedestals, on the front sections of which Atlantes are sculpted. The Atlantes kneel on one knee and stretch their hands upward. One of the Atlantes looks at the East, the other – at the West. There is an opinion, according to which once there were side tables on the pedestals.

On the grounds of the materials acquired as a result of comprehensive research carried out in the 1960s, in 1968 the architect Al. Sahinyan drew up a reconstruction of the temple with unique architectural solutions. The temple was restored in 1968-1976 in line with Sahinyan's reconstruction.

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    Ticket price Adults: 500 AMD
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    How to reach From Yerevan Center, take Abovian Street and connect with the Sevan Highway (sign-posted) and continue about 3.7 km to the Norki Masiv (Nor Nork) exit onto Gai p. Take Gai p. through Nor Nork/Norki Masiv about1.8 km to a Tintersection and a left turn onto the Garni Road. Continue for about 2.5 km to a right turn.

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