Garni Temple

Garni is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. The fortress of Garni is situated 28 km of Yerevan, at the foot of the Geghama Mountains, on the right bank of the Azat River, on a picturesque, triangular terrace.


Garni - Palace Complex

The palace complex was erected to the west of the temple, on the edge of the canyon. Archeological excavations uncovered remains of a royal palace of more than 40 m. long and about 15 m. wide. In the southern half of the discovered structure a large, arched hall with a 1:2 proportion was found.

In the other half numerous rooms of varying dimensions and functions were uncovered. Only the eastern and the northern walls of the hall are preserved, respectively 2.5-3 m. and 1-2 m. in height.

Most probably the structure was two-storey. Remnants of dark rosy paint are preserved on the interior plaster of one of the rooms of the palace complex, testifying to the rich decoration of the palace rooms and royal halls.

A winepress in three parts is also preserved in this section. Grapes were pressed in a separate chamber. The juice reached the second room through a clay pipe filling a large pitcher. It then flowed into a second pitcher through another pipe filling a third pitcher after filtration.

Part of the palace building is located under the foundation of the Armenian St. Sion Church dated to the 7th c. It is a central-domed building with a round plan and four apses. By then the palace complex of Garni Fortress was already in total ruins.

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    How to reach From Yerevan Center, take Abovian Street and connect with the Sevan Highway (sign-posted) and continue about 3.7 km to the Norki Masiv (Nor Nork) exit onto Gai p. Take Gai p. through Nor Nork/Norki Masiv about1.8 km to a Tintersection and a left turn onto the Garni Road. Continue for about 2.5 km to a right turn.

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