Garni Temple

Garni is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. The fortress of Garni is situated 28 km of Yerevan, at the foot of the Geghama Mountains, on the right bank of the Azat River, on a picturesque, triangular terrace.


Garni - Royal Bath-House

It is situated about 50 m. to the north-west of the Temple of Mihr. The bath-house consists of four rooms adjoining each other in line. It boasts a hypocaust system of heating in its basement and walls.

Numerous small columns of disk-shaped bricks are placed proportionately under the double layered floors of the bath. The columns the thickness of which are 6-7 cm. and the diameter - 20-25 cm. are fixed with a thin layer of mortar.

Hot air from a central furnace passed under the structure's floors heating the hot water bathing-room. As it cooled, it passed under the bathroom for warm water baths. Finally, the by-now cool air reached the bathroom, intended for cold water baths.

Of special importance is the mosaic on the floor of the vestibule (cloakroom). It is composed of natural stone cubes in 15 color shades, brought from the basin of the Azat River. A frame with a woven ornament belt and having a refined combination of colors is depicted in the center of the mosaic. Within the frame human-like pictures of the Ocean and the Sea are presented masterly with the help of multi-colored stone cubes. 

Within the design an enigmatic Greek inscription is assembled. It says: “We worked but received nothing”. The theme of the mosaic, its stylistic and color peculiarities, as well as the architectural forms and the conception give us grounds for dating the construction to the late 3rd c.

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    How to reach From Yerevan Center, take Abovian Street and connect with the Sevan Highway (sign-posted) and continue about 3.7 km to the Norki Masiv (Nor Nork) exit onto Gai p. Take Gai p. through Nor Nork/Norki Masiv about1.8 km to a Tintersection and a left turn onto the Garni Road. Continue for about 2.5 km to a right turn.

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