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Visit Kumayri museum, historic houses, workshops, taverns, guesthouses and museums that make up Old Gyumri (formerly known as Alexandropl).



65. Right: Art School, 19th-20th centuries. The two-story black polished tufa Art School was one of the properties in Giumri belonging to the Drambians family. The building has a beautiful balcony and the upper façade has elaborate decorations.

66. Corner of Abovian and Mayakovski Streets: Dwelling, 19th-20th centuries.  This two-story building again belonged to the Drambians family.  The columns on the façade are decorated with striking carvings and the building has an impressive balcony and iron gates. The iron work on both the gates and balcony represent the high level of black-smithy in Aleksandrapol.

As the façade of the house “represented” the wealth and the social status of the owner, great attention was paid to its decoration. The wealthier the owner, the more elaborate the façade.

In the 20th century this architecturally important building was given to the City Court.

Continue down Abovian Street. 

67. Right: Ter-Ambakumov Dwelling, late 19th century. The small two-story house  has its lower floor partially underground. The windows have handsome stone arches over their wooden frames and the current balcony is but a later version of what would have been a more elaborate affair when the building was first built.

68. Right: House of Black-smiths. The house has very beautifully designed gates and balcony. The house is owned by the Mnoiyan family, a multi-generational family of blacksmiths that still produce blacksmith items.

69. Left: Corner of Abovian and Terian Streets: Built in late 19th century, this building of the unique architectural composition belonged to a well known wealthy family of Hamazasp Tsaghikyan, who in 1919 sold it to Davit Mkrtchyan (Kyal Davit). The building was later on reconstructed into a large, luxurious house.

The polished façade of the house is decorated with elaborate ornaments with Venetian dentils. This house is also important as it sustained two earthquakes until being especially damaged in the last one (1988).

Turn Right on Terian Street and proceed down the block.

The text for this walking tour was edited by the Kumaiyri Preserve-Museum.

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