Old Gyumri Tour

Visit Kumayri museum, historic houses, workshops, taverns, guesthouses and museums that make up Old Gyumri (formerly known as Alexandropl).


Abovian Street

Abovian St.: Aslamazian Sisters, City Baths, City Club, French Hotel

Proceed up Abovian Street:

31. Left: Aslamazian Sisters Gallery, 1880-1890.  Rebuilt. This pure “Belle Époque” building of black tufa shows itself with clean lines, neat joints and a smooth facade. Note the sun symbol on the façade.  There is a courtyard in the back with a garden and rebuilt porch. The building houses the Aslamazian Sisters Gallery. The museum features the work of Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazian, two artists who managed to transcend the strict constructs of Social Realism while leading independent lives within and without the Soviet Union.

32. Right: Keshishian building, 1880-1890. Upper floor was a dwelling, with a general store below. Note the beautiful balcony and the window detailing.

33. Right: Former City Club, 1900s. Large building with rich details housed the City Club. The club was a meeting place for Alexandropol's more prominent citizens, with political discussions and community decisions a common activity. This building was one of the many that was painted in a bright color. Some of the paint can still be seen on the surface. 

34. Left: Former Dadakhazutsiun or Prosecutor's Building (partial ruin), 1880s. First a dwelling, then the prosecutor's office, the building is under reconstruction. It has impressive detailing in its walls, and boasted wrought iron balconies in the Belle Époque style.

35. Right: City Baths, 1900s. Belonged to Ter Martirosian family, these baths were among many that dotted the city, a few of which still work.  From functional to opulent, the City Baths were among the latter with steam rooms and hot baths built using hand-made tiles and mosaics. The building housed a wine cellar/bar in the vaulted basement.

36. Left: Hotel France, 1880s (under reconstruction). This once opulent hotel which housed the city's most distinguished guests had its image marred by its later use as KGB center. The building belonged to Aleksandrapol’s well known Rafaeliants family. Note the large gateway to the inner courtyard: a bit Gothic, the entry somehow fits within the Alexandropol style.

37. Left: Corner building: Children's Culture Center, 1880s. Also built by Rafaeliants, and originally one story, the building was a row of shops, which were replaced with the Children's center and a second story was added in the 1980's; classic Alexandropol.

The text for this walking tour was edited by the Kumaiyri Preserve-Museum.

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