Jermuk - town

The earliest and the biggest industrial enterprise is Jermuk Mineral Water Factory, built in 1949.


Jermuk - town

Jermuk lies 173 km of Yerevan, upstream along the Arpa River.

Located on a picturesque plateau at 2070 meters above sea level, the town was formerly known as Istisu and Jermukq. Its present name derives from the Armenian word of "jermuk”, meaning "warm mineral spring". The chemical compound of Jermuk mineral water is similar to that of Zheleznovodsk and Karlovy Vary waters.

The settlement (2nd-1st millennia B.C.) located in the vicinity of the town's airport, part of which is now under the runway, suggests that the area was inhabited in ancient times. Jermuk is mentioned by the 13th century historian Stepanos Orbelian. The remains of the pool built in stone show that Jermuk mineral water was already popular in the Middle Ages.

The first master plan of the town was developed in 1945 by architect P. Msryan, the second in 1952 by architect P. Manukyan. The latter was completed in 1960 – 1962.

The famous buildings in the town are N 1 health resort (1962, architect E. Tigranyan), N 2 health resort (1963), the mineral water gallery (1966), the buildings designed for baths (1969, architect G. Tamanyan),

4th department health resort, Armenian Nuclear Power Plant health resort (architects M. Mikayelyan and S. Umedyan), the old hotels (built in 1950s, architect H. Hakobyan), the new hotels (architect Z. Bakhshinyan), Jermuk sports complex (architect M. Mikayelyan), the Arpa canyon bridge (1975), etc.

The spa town is also remarkable for the house of Grigor Harutyunyan, the secretary of the Armenian Communist Party's Central Committee (1952, architect M. Grigoryan), monument to Israel Ori (1978), “Dancing girls” fountain (1978, sculptor K. Metsaturyan, architect V. Akshehirlyan) and memorial springs.

The earliest and the biggest industrial enterprise is Jermuk Mineral Water Factory, built in 1949. 

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    Sea level 2080 meters


    How to reach Jermuk is located in 53 km east of the provincial capital Yeghegnadzor. It’s connected with the Republic’s capital city Yerevan with two highways and one of these is the main “Jermuk-Yeraskh-Yerevan” more preferable along the length and it is 170 kilometers.

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