Khndzoresk Settlement

Old Khndzoresk cave settlement is set on the right and left slopes of about 3-km long valley. The slopes are in turn punctuated by deep gorges. According to folk etymology, the word "Khndzoresk" comes from the Armenian word “khndzor”, for apple.


Valley sights

Valley sights

Other than the 1800 remaining cave dwellings, finally abandoned in the 1980s, many still used for storage, there are a number of sights worth exploring. To fully explore the site, plan on at least 3 hours of steep trekking.

  1. Near the entrance to the valley is the 4th c S. Tadevos cave church, hewn from the mountainside and set upon a narrow shelf of land.
  2. The large triple nave St. Hripsimeh is near the valley floor, on a low shelf of land. The church has a spacious hall with tall columns and windows on the south wall. The window frames and main entry are products of its 1665 renovation, described in an inscription over the western entry.  
  3. About 100 m from St. Hripsimeh is the Spring Cave, a still sacred site underneath a medieval archway.
  4. The opposite river path leads to the roofless Anapat (Hermitage) Church yard, with two large grave stones, the front stone for Mkhitar Sparapet, a leader of the resistance against Persian and Turkish forces in the early 18th century.

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    How to reach From Yerevan drive north-east for 248km and you will reach the Khndzoresk Settlement. The trip will take approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

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