Meghri Mets Tagh

Mets Tagh as a settlement with great architectural and ethnographic value was mentioned by the 19th c. European travelers Dubois (1834), Raddy (1890) and Chantre (1890).


Astvatsatsin Church

St. Astvatsatsin Church

St. Astvatsatsin Church, a 17th century complete rebuild of an ancient church that once stood at the spot, is a unique structure; made from brick and basalt, the slender octagonal drum is decorated with oriental arches and topped with a stone tent roof. The red-brown stone drum and dome glow in the morning light, taking on hues from the surrounding mountains.

A series of steps leads to the church yard, a broad plaza underneath a towering three story house with wooden balustrades. The yard has a few rough grave stones that tell their own story.

St. Astvatsatsin is a domed basilica with four pylons and narrow side naves. The altar is flanked by annexes on either side.

The interior is white-washed with extensive 19th c frescoes on much of the upper walls. The paintings show scenes from the bible (Adam and Eve, the Flood, the Last Judgment) and portraits of the Apostles, saints and church fathers.

The old piano set against the wall is the first piano in Meghri, purchased in 1901 and carried 40 km (on some poor workmen’s shoulders) to Meghri from Ordubad. It is still used for Sunday service.

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    How to reach From Yerevan drive north-east for 372 km and you will reach the Meghri Pokr Tagh. The trip will take approximately 5 hour 20 minutes.

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