Meghri - Pokr Tagh

Meghri town is located in the south of the Republic of Armenia, on the bank of the Meghri River. It was a part of Arevik district of Greater Armenia's Siunik province. In medieval sources it is mentioned as a village and town, inhabited as far back as the 2nd millennium BCE.



Meghri Karez

Meghri has often been described as an oasis in a desert, and much of its lushness was due to a unique water system called “Karez”, used for drinking and irrigation.  Mentioned as early as the Urartian period, the karez system is still preserved in parts of Iran, India, China and Armenia and is traced to Egypt, where the drawing of underground water was necessary to irrigate the land.  It is a simple device, the boring of a series of wells 2 meters deep at 8-10 meters from each other and gradually uphill.  Then each well is connected to the others underground.  Constantly needing maintenance, this efficient system ripe for the dessert surroundings gradually fell into disrepair and disfavor in the Soviet period.   It is slowly being reintroduced to the area, farmers recognizing its sustainable fossil-free energy option.

The rehabilitation of Pokr Tagh, including the Karez project is spearheaded by Meghri-1 NGO and Arevik Fund (architect Armineh Petrosyan).

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    How to reach From Yerevan drive north east for 373 km and you will reach the Meghri Pokr Tagh. The trip will take approximately 5 hour 20 minutes.

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