Old Gyumri Tour

Visit Kumayri museum, historic houses, workshops, taverns, guesthouses and museums that make up Old Gyumri (formerly known as Alexandropl).


Rustaveli street

Rustaveli: Music school, Lusavorich church, dwellings

18. Right: Dwellings, 19th-early 20th centuries.  Just above Poloz Mukuch tavern, this building and the next two are later buildings with prominent carvings on the façades.  The first to your right after the Poloz Mukuch Tavern is early 20th century, with one of the most striking façades in the city.  The heavily framed windows, stone crowning over the main window and roof top stone finials give this otherwise small, single family house an impressive air of grandeur.

Cross over next street, Rustaveli (Tiflisskaya – 14th) and continue:

19. Left corner: Sheram Music School. Originally a boy's school attached to the Grigor Lusavorich Church, the building later became the Khrimian Hairik school and finally the current musical school. Note the large statue over the main door. Just up the street is a relic of the early 20th century; an electric station with ceramic insulators on its arched outer wall.

20. Left: Saint Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) church, 19th century. This neighborhood church damaged by the 1988 earthquake once boasted a central dome, and awaits renovation.  It served a more working-class congregation, while Yot Verk and the cathedral served the wealthier members of the city.

Go back to Rustaveli and turn left, cross the next street, Hakobiani (Katolicheskaya – 19th), then down to end of next block.

21. Right: Dwelling, 1890-1900s. Black tufa with grass growing on the cornice. Note the window lintels with their distinct arch and the overall symmetry. By carefully looking at the façade you can see where the building was added on to after its original construction. This was typical of houses in Alexandropol; owners would buy property, build as substantial a dwelling as they could afford (never cutting short on quality), then adding on as funds allowed.  Remember this facade when you visit # 22 on the next street (Information Port #7).

The text for this walking tour was edited by the Kumaiyri Preserve-Museum

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