Yerevan Walking Tour

The best way to get acquainted with Yerevan is to do as the locals do and walk. This both saves time (parking is impossible and traffic jams are now par for the course, adding 20-30 minutes to what were once 5 minute jaunts) while allowing you to savor the sights and sounds of the city.


Mashtots Avenue Walking Tour

If there is a main artery to Yerevan, it is Mashtots Avenue, a thriving promenade of street traffic, and crowds strolling along its sidewalks.  Known as Haikakan Street at the turn of the century, the street became an important linchpin of Tamanian’s master plan, widened into an avenue the runs from the Hrazdan Gorge to the Matenadaran (with Mother Armenia watching over the entire 3 km of humanity. 

It is hard not to be impressed with a street that passes so much history, culture and commerce al in one stretch.  In one block alone you pass 2800 years of history, from Yerevan’s beginnings to the site of its 19th c transition to European rule, under the Russians. 

Shops and eateries run chock-a-block among 18th, 19th and 20th cc buildings that add a bit of grandness to the street, though in rush hour your eyes are mostly fixed on oncoming vehicles.  Museums, the site of Yerevan’s oldest produce market (shuka), its only intact mosque round out the shops, cafes, parks, bookstores, sharma stands, mterks, flower stands and electronic stores that vie for your attention.  There are so many restaurants, cafes and shops it is impossible to list them all.  Despite Northern Avenue’s upstart promenade with trendy outlets and wannabe fashionistas, “Prospekt” remains the pulse of the city, and its busiest avenue.

Suffice to say, if you want it, and it ain’t on Mashtots, then Yerevan doesn’t have it. 

Museums include the Blue Mosque, Yeghishe Charents Home Museum, Yervand Kochar Museum and the Matenadaran, the largest repository of the priceless Armenian manuscripts and miniatures in the world.  Theatres include the Opera and Ballet, Symphonic Hall, Pantomime, Conservatory Concert Hall, State Marionette and Chamber Theatres. 

From south to north, Mashtots intersects with Movses Khorenatsi (old Marx) St. (English park, old Abovyan), Amirian St. (Republic Square), “Boulevard” (Biuzand/Arami Streets to Abovyan St. and via the tunnel to the Hrazdan Gorge and its walking tour), Pushkin St. (Northern Avenue), Tumanian (Opera, Tumanian Home Museum, Abovyan),  Place de France (Artist Vernissage, Sayat Nova Park, Opera, Tamanian Park), Sayat Nova  (Opera, Children’s Art Gallery, Katoghike) & Marshal Baghramian Ave. (National Assembly, Avetik Isahakian & Aram Khachaturian  Home Museums), Moskovian & Isahakian (Ring Park Walk) and Koriun (Abovyan, Garni/Sevan Hwys) before its end at the base of Matenadaran. 

Along the way you pass distinct neighborhoods each with its own brand of humanity, from the commercial south to a more laid back leafy north. 

At least part of this walking tour is unavoidable if you go anywhere in Yerevan on foot, there are so many streets and places you will want to see that intersect with the avenue.  Use this tour to familiarize you with the layout of Yerevan’s center, and to locate particular destinations as you pass through.  

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